Railway sleepers or railroad tie are a somewhat unglamorous component of the rail industry. But these blocks, which are laid horizontally underneath tracks to hold rail lines in place at the correct gauge, form the backbone of rail travel. Millions of these vital blocks are manufactured and distributed every year to satisfy demand for network expansions and line upgrades. Apart from some experiments with stone block sleepers at the earliest stages of rail transport’s development, timber has been the historically dominant material used for railway sleepers.

Standard Size (mm)

 2600 x 260 x 160 mm

Custom Size (mm)

Up to 4800mm long and variable thickness as well


Oak (Quercus Robur, Petraea, Pubescens, Frainetto)

Beech (Fagus Sylvatica)


Untreated or Impregnated with Ecological Creosote Type C


Fresh Sawn or air dried to maximum 28%


Railway Sleepers Quality according to EN 13145 standard

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