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Timber Sleepers are well very popular for their use in landscaping purposes like paths, steps, retaining walls, raised flower beds, garden furniture. Comparing to softwood treated sleepers lifespan of maximum 10 years, untreated oak sleepers last minimum 30 years in same conditions and they have been known to go up to 80 years.
  • Standard size (mm): 2400 x 200 x 100
  • Custom size (mm): 2400 x 225 x 125 / 2400 x 250 x 150 / 2600 x 260 x 150 or any other size by request
  • Material: Hardwood – OAK – Quercus Cerris or Quercus Robur
  • Treatment: Non-Treated wood, maintenance free.
  • Drying: Fresh sawn or air dried.
  • Grading: Landscaping quality, mostly square edged with some having reasonable wane.
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Railway sleepers or railroad tie are a somewhat unglamorous component of the rail industry. But these blocks, which are laid horizontally underneath tracks to hold rail lines in place at the correct gauge, form the backbone of rail travel. Millions of these vital blocks are manufactured and distributed every year to satisfy demand for network expansions and line upgrades. Apart from some experiments with stone block sleepers at the earliest stages of rail transport’s development, timber has been the historically dominant material used for railway sleepers.
  • Standard sizes (mm): 2600 x 260 x 160
  • Custom size (mm): Up to 4800mm long and variable thickness as well
  • Material: Oak (Quercus Robur, Petraea, Pubescens, Frainetto)  Beech (Fagus Sylvatica)
  • Treatment: Untreated or Impregnated with Ecological Creosote Type C
  • Drying: Fresh Sawn or air dried to maximum 28%
  • Grading: Railway Sleepers Quality according to EN 13145 standard
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How can it be called “the king of trees” when it is neither the biggest, oldest, strongest and definitely not the fastest-growing? Simple—because of its ability to adapt to the environment around it. There is not one other species of tree that mankind has been so dependent upon as the mighty oak. The Sistine Chapel and many of the other great architectural wonders of Europe would not exist if not for their frames made of oak. Our green oak beams can be used for both outdoor and indoor applications: building restoration, trusses, garages, gazebos, pergolas and other structures.
  • Size (mm): Square sections between 100 x 100 – 200 x 200; lengths 1-6m
  • Custom size: Almost any rectangular section starting with 20 mm thickness and up to 300 mm; lengths 1-6m
  • Material: European Oak – quercus robur, petraea, pubescens
  • Treatment: Finishing: fresh sawn or planned on four faces
  • Drying: Unseasoned, recently felled in the last 1-6 months, thus easier to cut for any custom project
  • Grade: Good quality beams, minimum qp1 grading, suitable for all construction uses
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Used primarily in carpentry, planks are critical in the construction of ships, houses, bridges, and many other structures, but wooden planks offer also unlimited possibilities for creating beautiful furniture. For example, the solid planks can be used for tables, benches, shelving units and other interior design solutions where creativity is given free reins.
  • Sizes: Width >120mm, Thickness >20mm, Length 100-500 cm
  • Edges: Unedged or Square Edged
  • Material: European Oak (quercus robur, petraea), Turkish Oak (quercus cerris)
  • Finishing: Roughsawn or planned
  • Drying: Unseasoned or kiln-dried
  • Grade: European Oak Grading
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A critical component in creating safe, sustainable ground protection at temporary construction sites, our hardwood crane mats can be used for many applications in a wide range of industries to access and protect sites during the utilization of heavy equipment in all weather conditions. Respective industries include power transmission and distribution, oil and gas, renewable power generation and heavy and civil construction.
  • Standard sizes (mm): 5000 x 1000 x 100
  • Custom size (mm): 3-6m long and 70-300mm thickness
  • Material: European Hardwood – Oak and Beech
  • Construction: 5 beams mounted together fitted with 5 steel bolts
  • Bolts Diameter: M18, M20 or even M22
  • Lifting: Two lifting eyes
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