How can it be called “the king of trees” when it is neither the biggest, oldest, strongest and definitely not the fastest-growing? Simple—because of its ability to adapt to the environment around it. There is not one other species of tree that mankind has been so dependent upon as the mighty oak. The Sistine Chapel and many of the other great architectural wonders of Europe would not exist if not for their frames made of oak. Our green oak beams can be used for both outdoor and indoor applications: building restoration, trusses, garages, gazebos, pergolas and other structures.

Size (mm)

Square sections between 100 x 100 – 200 x 200; lengths 1-6m

Custom Size

almost any rectangular section starting with 20 mm thickness and up to 300 mm; lengths 1-6m


European Oak – quercus robur, petraea, pubescens


Finishing: fresh sawn or planned on four faces


Unseasoned, recently felled in the last 1-6 months, thus easier to cut for any custom project


Good quality beams, minimum qp1 grading, suitable for all construction uses

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