Timber Sleepers are well very popular for their use in landscaping purposes like paths, steps, retaining walls, raised flower beds, garden furniture. Comparing to softwood treated sleepers lifespan of maximum 10 years, untreated oak sleepers last minimum 30 years in same conditions and they have been known to go up to 80 years.

Standard Size (mm)

2400 x 200 x 100

Custom Size (mm)

2400 x 225 x 125

2400 x 250 x 150

2600 x 260 x 150

or any other size by request


Fresh sawn or air dried.

Mainly our sleepers have been cut in the last 2-3months.


Hardwood – OAK – Quercus Cerris or Quercus Robur


Non-Treated wood, maintenance free. 

Natural tannins in the oak are a more effective preservative than any man-made alternative. This gives them a major advantage over reclaimed sleepers which are treated with creosote.


Landscaping quality, mostly square edged with some having reasonable wane.

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